What will I contribute in Drupal 2018?

Last year I focused on writing articles, submitting issues and wrote a few smaller patches for both core and contributed modules. This was mainly done on my spare time like many other contributors. Mean while my contributions were small, I think I succeded in adding some value to the community.

This year I am in a better position to do more things as in, I can put more spare time in to it and I can use more worktime. Here are the goals I have setup for myself:

  • Write at least one article every month (... or 12 articles in a year)
  • Focus on issues where tests are needed
  • Default Content / Importing and exporting content in Drupal

The first one is about contributing knowledge that I learn through out projects and experiments. I've been told in the past that my articles was helpful which led me to continue doing so.

Focusing on issues where tests are needed is because I want to learn more on how to write good tests and ensure quality on the work I do.

Being able to import and export content in Drupal has always been challenging and there are many excellent projects that I hope I can contribute in to giving Drupal better possibilities to work with importing and exporting content.

Let's see how it goes, I am excited!